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In France

Delivery anywhere in France within 48 - 72 hours (not guaranteed)
Express delivery possible in 24 - 48 hours guaranteed (additional costs)
Free delivery for all orders of at least €500 excluding VAT
Orders under €249 excl. VAT = fixed delivery charge of €19.90 excl.
Orders between €250 and €499 excluding VAT = fixed delivery charge of €29.90 excluding VAT
For all orders exceeding 2 pallets 80 x 120 x 180 cm (W x L x H), or specific orders, a transport contribution may be requested.

In Europe (geographical - roads)

Delivery anywhere in Europe.
Express delivery possible.
Delivery ex works (EXW) plus carriage, you can use your own carrier or ours.
Chartering possible.

In Europe (overseas)

See outside Europe

Outside Europe (Overseas - DOM TOM)

Delivery carriage paid France under French conditions
Specific study on a case-by-case basis

Important information Before signing the consignment note!
You should be aware that as soon as you accept a parcel by signing the delivery note, you take possession of the goods and the risks of loss or damage are transferred to you. It is therefore important not to sign the delivery note before checking the contents of the parcel(s) and the condition of the products.

Take the time to examine your goods: by law, you have 15 minutes to check the goods you have ordered, even if the delivery person does not tell you this.

Before signing the delivery note :
- Make a quick inspection of the condition of the goods.

- Check that the delivery note corresponds to the products delivered (type of goods, quantity, etc.).

- Check that the goods delivered correspond to the order placed (type of goods, quantity, etc.).

Once these steps have been completed, if you feel that the condition of the goods is not to your satisfaction, you can refuse delivery by expressing specific reservations as explained below.


Damaged or missing product: reservations to be made
After opening your parcel, you notice a damaged product or a product missing from your order: reservations must be made with the carrier so that the necessary steps can be taken to return the product(s) concerned.

For these reservations to be accepted by the carrier, you must carefully follow the instructions below and provide as much detail as possible about the reasons for your refusal. General reservations such as "subject to unpacking" or "parcel refused" have no legal value.

Admissible reservations
If one or more products are missing from your order, you can choose whether or not to keep your parcel if you wish to use other references while waiting to receive the missing one, for example. You must then indicate whether or not the parcel has been opened (there may be a slight hole in one place, for example: you must specify this) and explain which product(s) is/are missing, indicating its/their reference(s) and the manufacturer's brand if you know it.


If you find yourself with a damaged product: specify as precisely as possible the type of damage. Is the product broken, dented or scratched, and where? Also explain if the box is damaged, if it has been opened, if it is badly closed, etc.

Inadmissible reservations
The following are examples of reservations that are deemed inadmissible by carriers:

- Refused parcel" (no explanation is given as to why the product has been refused).

- Opened parcel" (it is not clear whether products are missing or not, and if so, which ones).

- Missing X items" (without the reference number of the product(s) in question, this reservation is deemed incomplete by the carriers).

- In poor condition" (the damaged product and the type of damage are missing).

- Pressed sheet metal" (the reference of the damaged product is missing).

In the event of a problem with the driver, do not hesitate to contact us (0033.450.608.020) and we will do what is necessary.

Never accept a delivery if you have any doubts, you would be taking responsibility for it and we would be unable to do anything.