Founded in 1981, Expelec is one of the oldest companies in our business. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to follow and anticipate changes in the market, so that we can always offer the best value for money.

Today, we offer innovative, reliable products that are easy to install, install and operate.

Developing our own ranges and brands, we complement our offering with the distribution of prestigious brands of impeccable quality.

With 1,000 professional customers in France and 26 distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we have total control over the vagaries of transport. Our location at the crossroads of Europe, in the Haute-Savoie region, means we can react quickly.

Expelec is a FESTIGROUP company

The men and women in our company are passionate about their profession, and have a shared desire to help people discover new things, to meet our customers' expectations as fully as possible and to go beyond the simple customer/supplier relationship.

We believe that certain key words are essential:

Quality, customer satisfaction, human relations, a trailblazer and a detonator


Deeply committed to a B-to-B relationship, our customers are recognised professionals, both in France and abroad, with whom we maintain long-term relationships.

Our sales, technical and logistics departments are integrated into the company to ensure that the responses our customers can expect are as accurate and precise as possible.

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Thanks to the ENABLED program we have access to more than 600 innovations and 5,000 patents. This allows our Nicols brand to always be at the cutting edge and with full respect for the intellectual property essential to technological development. Focused on the development of LED technology, the ENABLED program ensures that you benefit from patent-compliant products and perfect mastery of the related technology. ENABLED has more than 1,400 members worldwide

L'alliance Members

The Alliance of Event, Entertainment and Audiovisual Professionals represents manufacturers and distributors of professional audiovisual equipment for the entertainment and audiovisual markets.

Initiated by the main manufacturers and distributors of equipment dedicated to events, the Alliance We adhere to the ethical and deontological values specific to professional unions.
The alliance is affiliated with SEINEP and FICIME


Recycling means protecting. We are ECOSYSTEM members of the EEE sector. Our unique identifier number FR001377_05DTLX attests to our registration as producers in the EEE sector and assigned by ADEME. It certifies our compliance with article L.541-10-13 of the Environmental Code. As a producer of electronic products, we are committed to EEE recycling processes and the repairability of our products.

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