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Expelec is a company of Festigroup

Expelec SA
167 rue des peupliers
74330 Epagny Metz-Tessy
Tel : +33 (0)4 50 60 80 20
Mail :

Design and production

Expelec SA
167 Rue des peupliers
74330 Epagny Metz-Tessy
Tel +33(0)4 50 60 80 20
Mail :


Hostinger International Ltd
61 rue Lordou Vironos 6023
Larcana, Chypre

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This site is 100% B to B, no account can be opened online without prior validation from our sales and legal departments.

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EXPELEC SA (Siret code: 322 847 567 00029) has been awarded the unique identifier FR001377_05DTLX by ADEME, attesting to its registration with the register of producers of the EEE sector, in application of article L.541-10-13 of the French Environment Code. This identifier attests to the company's compliance with its obligation to register with the register of producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and to declare to ecosystem that it has placed its products on the market.

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