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The links for the forms are at the bottom of this page, but we invite you to read this text and the conditions of the technical service.

Because our customers are professionals and we are committed to a partnership approach, we have set up our technical service to ensure that your order is processed within 48 hours*.

To monitor this, we have set up technical service processing indicators, which are updated every week. If the indicator is green, your product will be processed in less than 48 working hours*.
These indicators may be influenced by the arrival of large numbers of our export distributors who are grouping together their after-sales service, work stoppages, etc., but this is generally temporary, in which case the current lead time box will be orange. In the event of saturation or unavailability of the service or its components, it will be red.

Treatment index RMA
Service saturation 10%
Treatment index technical service
Service saturation 28%
Treatment index ST2M (France only)
Service anavailable 100%

* Processing time means that the product is seen and diagnosed by one of our technicians and repaired. Please note that the repair time may be increased by the waiting time for spare parts.

In the following lines, you will find our technical and environmental charter.

Over a period of 2 years, we have analysed the way our technical department operates and the expectations of our customers, while keeping in mind our leitmotiv, which is to constantly improve our product reliability and thus our environmental impact.

A few explanations:

- Every repair goes through our product quality analysis process.

From the moment a product enters our technical service process, the causes and consequences of the breakdown are analysed and dealt with in order to increase our reliability via an alert threshold logic. Thus, a product with a return rate of more than 5% enters technical surveillance (less than 3% of our products to date); if this rate exceeds 10% (none to date), marketing is suspended for the time it takes to validate the ins and outs and make the necessary corrections.

- We only change electronic cards if they cannot be repaired.
Our philosophy is clear: we do not systematically change electronic boards, we prefer to repair them, firstly because changing a board does not require qualified electronics technicians, and secondly, changing a board does not give the cause of the fault and distorts the analysis. It is our duty to know why a particular component has burnt out, and in most cases we are able to give the cause of a fault.

- Our technicians have at least a BTS in electronics and are fully conversant with the design of our products.
Skill is the key to a technical service, so we need to be able to rely on men and women who are experts in the specific electronic features of our products. Technicians are not invented; they have to have a basic knowledge and minimum skills. What's more, our technicians play a major role in the development of our products, mastering the design from A to Z.

- We do not ship spare parts under warranty.
There are several reasons for this. Firstly, to understand the fault and be sure of its origin, we need to have the machine in front of us.
A repair under warranty involves our responsibility and our technicians are trained in this. Sending a spare part under warranty would automatically lead to a transfer of responsibility that customers are often unaware of.
Furthermore, this would distort our ability to analyse and improve the reliability of our products, which is something our customers would criticise us for.

Finally, in 2017 (we stopped sending spare parts under guarantee on 1 January 2018), 64% of the spare parts sent under guarantee were not the cause of the breakdown, resulting in very high transport costs and environmental impact.

- Our technicians don't answer the phone
Again, there are several reasons for this, the main one being that when they're out repairing they have technical constraints that simply don't allow them to respond (grease, drying time, heat transfer, calculations, ....). What's more, even if they did reply, in the vast majority of cases they wouldn't be able to provide you with a solution, as they don't have the machine in front of them. Finally, an e-mail allows them to reply to you with time to think about your problem.

- Our technicians cannot respond if the online form has not been sent to them.
The online forms enable us to manage the tracking of your products, the tracking of repairs and the tracking of spare parts. They provide us with symptoms and very important information, such as the serial number, the general condition of the machine, whether or not you have tested the machine yourself, etc.

Our number of RSAV tickets (including all returns, i.e. products under guarantee, out of guarantee, loan returns, returns following an order error, etc.):


In 2017 we processed 3264 technical service return tickets
In 2018 we processed 897 technical service return tickets (implementation of our new technical policy)
In 2019 we processed 734 return tickets to the technical service.
In 2020 & 2021 the data is not representative (COVID)
In 2022 we processed 543 technical service return tickets.
At the same time, our sales of electronic products have continued to rise over these 3 years, demonstrating the increasing reliability of our ranges and the consequent reduction in our environmental impact.

Information on the "Unpacking failure" procedure

ATTENTION this procedure can only be applied to machines accompanied by an EXPELEC invoice less than 3 months old and a CUSTOMER invoice less than 2 weeks old.

A machine under the PAD procedure must be :

- in its original carton
- with all its accessories (cables, instructions, hoses, screws, ....)
- in new condition (no brand names)

If one of these conditions is not met, we invite you to request a return under the standard warranty.
If one of these conditions is not met, but you nevertheless initiate a PAD procedure, we will be obliged to apply a flat-rate discount of 30% of the new value of the product.
If the product has been exchanged beforehand and it turns out on return that the faulty product is not faulty or that it does not meet one of the three previous conditions, we will be obliged to send you back the repaired product and invoice you for the product sent in exchange as well as the various costs associated with the operation (transport, packaging, accessories, etc.).

Our electronic products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of the Expelec invoice, with the exception of ANTARI products (excluding consumables, F80Z and LCU) and NICOLS PREMIUM, MOOVER, SPRINTER, RACER, IP WASH and MOOVE products, which are guaranteed for 3 years (excluding wear parts: belts, batteries, consumables, as part of regular maintenance).
In the case of a product under warranty, the customer is responsible for the outward transport and Expelec SA is responsible for the return transport (from the technical service to the customer).
Acceptance under warranty is conditional upon proper use of the product, its maintenance and cleaning in accordance with good practice and the use of branded consumables.

Warning: A product that has been subjected to an impact or an attempt to dismantle it will automatically invalidate the warranty.
Products under warranty must be sent in their original packaging. (cardboard and wedges)


Spare parts

Wherever possible, we are able to supply spare parts for 5 years. This is a customer service and is not a contractual commitment.
In any case, we will do our utmost to find a solution to maintain your product.


In the event of a non-warranty repair, we will draw up an estimate. The estimate will be invoiced for the equivalent of 1 hour's labour at Rate 1.
If the quotation is rejected, the machine will be released subject to payment of the quotation cost. The machine will be returned in its post-diagnostic condition, i.e. potentially dismantled.
If there is no response to a quotation for 3 months, the quotation will be automatically rejected and the machine dismantled.

Labour rate

MO.T1: €59 excl. tax/hour

MO.T2 : 75 € HT / hour (Technical expertise if no symptoms described, specific request, product or function development, programming)

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