Nicols Pangolin Unity

Stage truss

Prolyte / Mobiltruss

The undisputed world leader in stage structures, Prolyte offers a range of structures without any possible comparison.

Manufactured in European factories, the range is very vast and today meets all requests without any compromise on quality, safety or even the extravagance of the request.

Starting from the E20 series up to the Mamouth with an opening of 145 cm, there is a Prolyte structure for all your projects.
Buying a Prolyte product means investing in the quality of the best possible tool while always being sure to have peace of mind.

Mobiltruss the pragmatic challenger focused on tomorrow! In fact, Mobiltruss is the first French truss brand to offer Hydro Reduxa low-carbon aluminum truss.

But this is not the only specificity of Mobiltruss, it is also one of the only brands on the market to offer 290 mm structures with 20 mm crosspieces to prevent deformation of the truss over time.

Manufactured in Europe, in a factory where solar energy is a very important source, Mobiltruss offers a range meeting the majority of requests with delivery 48 to 72 hours throughout mainland France, but also in many European countries.